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A simple idea,
to join good vibes with good food.

You have to eat, without guilt.
Dance without shame.
Laugh at what they will say.
Surround yourself with people who know how to enjoy life.

Our Philosophy

Memorial Tacos

Most Popular

Nacho Supreme - Beef

Mix of nachos, beef, “pico de gallo”, queso, avocado and pickled jalapenos.


Beef Quesadilla

Beef, American Cheese, Pico de Gallo &  Sour Cream.


texas taco

Carne guisada, refried beans, corn kernels & pickled jalapeno.


Shrimp Curry

w/ shrimp, onions, avocado & cliantro sauce.


Chicken Fajita Basil

w/ chicken, pico de gallo and basil sauce.


Pork Chipotle

w/ cilantro, onions & creamy chipotle sauce.


Let's Party Up

Live Music



Cocktails, Beer & Spirits

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